Friday, October 14, 2011

Delicious [dih-lish-uhs], (adj)

Week 3

This week, the topics of our course are social bookmarking and oral/aural skills. For social bookmarking we created a Delicious bookmarks page. The page I created can be found here. It is still a "work in progress" because I am adding new bookmarks all the time.

I am not overly impressed with Delicious but do not have time to research other options in order to see if they offer anything better. My main problem with Delicious is that it presents the bookmarks in a long boring list, ordered by date submitted. True, if the links are properly tagged one can easily find a required link but the Delicious layout is very old-style, counter intuitive and without a 21st century feeling. I would have loved a dynamic layout, something along the lines of Fences.

Do you know Fences? It is a wonderful (free) desktop organizer. If your desktop is so cluttered that you can't see the background picture (and you never find the shortcut you need) this is for you. It helped me get organized with the click of a button. You can create new "fences" (= blocks of shortcuts with a title) anywhere you want and drag the fences around until you are happy with the final layout and look. THIS is the kind of intuitive dynamic interface that would greatly enhance Delicious so that links are organized by the user under user defined headings and placed on the page according to personal preferences. iGoogle uses the same idea, why not Delicious?!

The adjective "delicious" means "highly pleasing to the senses". It originated from Latin "delicia" meaning a "delight. allurement or charm" from "de" (=away) + "lacere" (=lure).

With this layout, however, Delicious is definitely not "highly pleasing to the senses" and will not "lure me away" from anything to anywhere.

Etymology "delicious"


  1. Hi Avraham, as always you connect your ideas with an interesting video, it does not have to say too much but to express your feelings about the use of delicious. I am going to check tomorrow Fence.

    Again,thanks for teaching me the origin of words, next week I am going to ask you some support about ideas on teaching latin and greek roots to my children in four grade. Thanks


  2. Hi, Avraham,

    A very interesting and funny video. As Yariela said, it is great that you always connect your ideas with an interesting video.

    And thank you very much for introducing Fence. It is great to know that there is also another site for bookmarking links besides Delicious.